Speed 04 January 2012

All PR agencies are deluged with job and internship applications at the moment.

But here’s one to pay attention to – because it concerns not an intern, but a superintern. And you, the PR industry at large, have just 48 hours to save him from returning to a life of whippets and gravy.

James Roche has been doing a two-month internship at Speed but it comes to an end this Friday, 6 January. Which is a shame, because has proven himself to be excellent at everything we’ve thrown at him.

As well as getting involved with client work, he has taken the lead on the social media side of a pro-bono campaign we’re doing to publicise the inspirational fundraising efforts of Phil Packer MBE, the former solider seriously wounded in Iraq who later became the slowest man to complete the London Marathon.

So James hasn’t just been dipping in here and there, but running a big project from the off, involving high-profile people, complex deadlines, dynamic content and a need to target a nationwide audience segmented into several specific groups. He took to it all like a duck to water.

Which is no doubt down to his no-nonsense Yorkshire attitude. When James called me and asked about vacancies several months ago, he struck me as the sort of confident, pragmatic bloke who really wants to build a career in PR and can take most things in his stride. Parted from his beloved northern gravy and doubtless dozens of whippets for these two months, he fitted into the Speed team like he was one of us, able to turn his hand to anything and never seeming phased by the tasks he was set, no matter how strange. And yes, we have been paying him. And yes, abandoning real northern gravy for so long and having to contend with inferior southern gravy instead shoes his sheer commitment to the PR cause.

Now James is looking for another internship with a PR agency in London, and is able to start next Monday. He’s not looking for any old internship though a superintern needs a superinternship.

Are there any agencies out there listening who could be his superhero and offer him some time with them? Leave a comment below or email james.roche@speedcommunications.com.