Speed 06 February 2012

Vikki Chowney writing last week on econsultancy examined the role of wire services as part of the modern corporate communication mix. We caught up to discuss the press release, the distribution of news, and search marketing.

Unsurprisingly none of the big name wire services took part or have commented on the story.

Check econsultancy for the full post. Here’s my comments.

“The public relations industry is embracing social media and slowly moving to direct relationships where relationships are built via direct engagement. It’s a long haul that will take a decade to work out. In the meantime wire services provide a short cut and though diminished will continue to have a role whilst these changes work through.”

“The press release has become a general purpose document that an organisation publishes on its web site and issues via a wire service, not to inform the media of a news event, but typically to reach broader audiences and more often than not to satisfy an internal audience.

“Wire services will always have a role in the financial market where a legislative framework demands that information is communicated simultaneously via prescribed channels.

“During the downturn there has almost certainly been an increase in demand for wire services as a catch all means of ensuring that a press release reaches as broad an audience as possible. It’s often an issue of scale for large international organisations.

“The online search industry has recognised the opportunity that press releases and wire services offer to build inbound links as a tactic to improve keyword search rankings.

“Faux news content is often distributed via a wire service with the goal of securing widespread coverage around target keywords and web links on editorially driven web sites that are ranked highly by search engines. It’s a mechanical process to game results that is a flawed. It creates confusion and can result in reputational damage.

“Wire services need to innovative and work out their relative to information flows as media continues to fragment and social media develops. Those that recognise these changes and figure out how to continue to be relevant by embracing social media will thrive.”

Thanks Vikki.

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