Speed 09 February 2012

Six out of ten Mummy and Daddy bloggers make money from blogging. But very few are making a living wage. A third report generating more than £500 per year from their blog, and five per cent generate more than £5,000 per year.

But for parenting bloggers that’s not the point.

Income from a blog may be a useful supplement to other sources of income but its way that down the list of factors that motivate parent bloggers to commit their content to the Internet.

Instead Mummy and Daddy bloggers cite recording their children’s lives, friendship and a creative outlet as their primary reasons for blogging.

These are finding published in a 30-page e-book by TOTS100 and RealWire. It is recommended reading for anyone that wants a better understanding of the business of blogging.

Here’s a Slideshare summary.

The last two years has seen a huge increase in the commercial opportunities for bloggers according to the e-book.

It covers potential low hanging sources of income for bloggers from ad networks (typically £10 per month) to private ads (typically £30 to £50 per month) and from paid links to sponsored posts (average £60 per post).

“You can make a lot of small fees very quickly as a blogger taking lots of cheap, paid-for links from SEO agencies, but for the best return it’s important to value your blog, look to differentiate, and focus on building up good content and an engaged audience,” said Sally Whittle, TOTS100.

The most lucrative opportunity lies in using your blog as a shop window for copywriting (average £135 per day) or consulting and training (average £300 per day).

The e-book has a useful section on the tension between bloggers, PRs and brands with useful insight and recommendations for developing successful working relationships. The route to success for a PR pitching a blogger lies in helping to drive traffic.

“The parent bloggers surveyed identified irrelevance as their primary frustration with PR pitches. PRs need to continue to ensure that their campaigns are highly targeted if they are to develop and expand these relationships further,” said Adam Parker, CEO, RealWire.

Finally a plug.

I’m speaking at the TOTS100 BlogCampUK in Birmingham on 21 April about the relationship between bloggers and brands. If you’re a Mummy or Daddy blogger there may even be a few tips on making money.