Speed 01 February 2012

The PR world is changing rapidly and we, at Speed, want to keep on top of it! Therefore the majority, if not all, of Speed have been heavily involved in training in some way or another over the last couple of months.

This week it’s all about video. Do PR agencies know enough about video? Do they know how to do it right? And do they know how to make sure the content works on video? We are inclined to say that PRs do not know enough about video but we all know (or should know…) how to put compelling, written, pieces of content together. What’s stopping us from going a step further and being creative with these words?

Speed’s MD, Steve Earl, highlighted what video can be used for and examples of where it’s worked well and other where it hasn’t gone quite to plan. We also learnt the importance of lighting, framing and sound – a video without these in high-quality should really not be seen. Our resident video production company, Blueprint, talked us through some top tips, such as no fidgeting, no chequered shirts and filming next to a window – natural sometimes is the way forward! 😉 And then we were split up in teams; our team had to create a video on the value of video… oh the irony!

If you want to find out more about the challenges of video, the ample benefits and some top tips – please watch our Video PR: How To.


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