Speed 30 March 2012

On Fridays, I send an email around the company sharing some of my favourite links and things from the week. Sometimes it includes new developments in social media, or just things that I find neat or are new to me. It is never earth shatteringly insightful, and is usually just a selection of things I’ve favourited on Twitter or saved from my RSS feeds.

Not everyone has the time to check in with Twitter or blogs every day, so some people find my emails as a usful summary. Wadds keeps asking me to post them as blog posts. I have been able to resist, but this week we’re low on blog content, so here you go:

Things Dan Learned This Week

I didn’t learn much this week. So it is just a quick email. Dedicated to Lottie, because she mentioned that she actually reads these things.

Add images to your blog posts please: Double Your Page Views by Adding an Image

This explains why Steve doesn’t follow Laura: Twitter’s Unfollow Bug

Spring clean your iPhone

The perfect social network for Wadds and Earl: Pair

5 LinkedIn Apps For Power Networking: CardMunch is my favourite

Draw Something. Neil blogged about it. He asked, but I couldn’t contribute an image because my screengrabs are mostly of inappropriate caricatures. Anyway, better than Draw Something is Paper http://www.fiftythree.com/paper

Facebook new terms of service will ban you from using the words: FB, Face, Poke, Book, Wall and “32665”

Radian6 has 30 ideas for your social media campaign. It is all pretty basic, but sometimes you need basics.

FAVOUR FOR DAN: If you have a spare second, can you please visit this site, and “like” the idea, or comment, or tweet. (A video plays automatically when you open the link, so turn the volume down).

This made me laugh: What’s the difference between being a real mayor vs. a Foursquare mayor – video

And my favourite thing this week:

Go The Fuck Home: “Do your work, at work. Get off Facebook. And just do your work while you’re there. Be focused… And go the fuck home when you’re done.”

(pic via @bengarvey)