Speed 10 May 2012

Six months ago, Speed ran an exercise to look at how well the 100 largest software companies are doing at engaging with audiences using Twitter. In a nutshell, we found good overall take-up in terms of the number of organisations active and using it but poor levels of influence. Too many organisations were treating the platform as means to self-promote, rather than to inform and engage.

Half a year on, what’s changed?

Not a lot, in fact despite increasing Twitter followers by an average of 68 per cent in six months, and pumping out more tweets than ever before, engagement with followers is poor and overall levels of influence remain exactly the same as they were.

What’s clear from the study is that only companies that are genuinely innovating in social media are performing well. Typically these organisations comprise elements of each of the following within their engagement with audiences on Twitter:

Informative – they Tweet genuinely interesting information about their company and the industry they’re in

Participative – it’s not a ‘broadcast only’ channel, companies invite feedback from their followers –even if that can sometimes be negative

Fun – they lighten the mood every now and again, competitions are a good example of how to engage audiences and keep an informal but still business-like tone

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If you’re a managing comms for a software brand and would like to take a look at our analysis, see how we’re using Twitter as part of a fast-changing media mix for our clients and discuss how best to evaluate what you invest in this area, do get in touch (mailto:socialmedia@speedcommunications.com).

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