Speed 09 July 2012

Here’s my slide deck from SxSE London last week which took place last week at London’s most technological pub The Thirsty Bear.

The Thirsty Bear is worth a trip for no other reason than the novelty of ordering a pint by iPad. More than one speaker pointed out that the pub has more advanced communication infrastructural than Westminister over the river. Make up your pun.

SxSELondon had a wonderful underground cult feel to it with speakers from finance, politics, commerce, entertainment and the future of digital community.

My session was mainly about the damage that individuals can do to the reputation of organisations using social media.

Organisations must understand the needs of its audience and respond accordingly.

At Speed we call this participation: a real, sustained and organic conversation between the brand and its audience in which the brand responds directly to the needs of its audience on the audience’s terms.