Speed 13 February 2013

This week I have been feeling incredibly energetic, and I thought I would share the reason for this. I’ve recognised the beauty of eating and sleeping properly, and getting active again! And I think I have my consumer team colleagues to thank for this – in an indirect way.

It’s safe to say that Corporate PR makes you think a lot, especially some of the work we are undertaking at the moment. This, in turn, can make your brain tired, and even more so if you are not looking after yourself properly.

Now, I am not going to pretend that I don’t look after myself at all, because I do. But, I have always known that I could do better. Two years ago I completed my first triathlon (proudest moment!) but, since then, I have not been as active as I could be. I used to cycle to work every day, swim 3-4 times a week and run as often as I could. This feels like a very distant memory…

…Until recently, when I decided to get myself back on my bike, back in the pool, and back in the gym. Interestingly, the motivation for this stemmed from my office. The consumer team here at Speed work with some incredibly inspiring brands – including Adidas, Maximuscle and Fisher Outdoor – and some of their recent projects really got me thinking. Being surrounded by these products all day every day really means I have no excuse.

I won’t bore you with the details moving forwards but, once I decide to do something I usually do it properly. Which means you are likely to see me competing professionally in a yet unidentified sport at some stage in the near future…! And hopefully my consumer team mates will be there to cheer me on.