Speed 09 August 2013

Today I read a great post by @tomforemski in response to Google’s updated webmaster rules on links and keywords which can be found here (this link is in no way intended to act as a naughty SEO tactic, it is merely there to give the reader of this post an easy way to identify with the piece of content the author of this post is referring to).

Initially, the article raised my blood pressure. But more out of frustration than fear. Not all PR agencies are a brood of evil copywriters that do nothing more than write pages of hyperlinks and keywords and then fart this content across as many websites as possible in a bid to increase a brand’s reputation.

Rather than get on my soapbox about this, I thought to myself, actually, there probably are a host of agencies and practitioners that do just this. Thankfully, Speed has always prided itself on hiring intelligent people and doing intelligent things, so I can confidently say we don’t fall into this bucket of PR poop.

So what is Google actually doing? Well, far from killing PR agencies, it’s acting as a turd filter, which is another win for good PR agencies looking to implement effective communications programmes for their clients.

The three primary developments from Google are (and I am being overly simplistic on purpose) the blessed end to content chock full of keywords, content littered with links and content that’s scattered across PR syndication sites (crap PR wires).

Surely any agency that prides itself on crafting excellent content, delivered in a targeted way to both media and direct to audiences, across the right channels, is rubbing its hands together in glee?

Do we need a better understanding of Google to be effective PRs? Absolutely! Should we all be quaking in our boots about an oncoming Google assault on PR? Absolutely not.