Liam O'Shea 30 March 2017

Whatever your personal views on the subject, there’s no going back now. Prime Minister Theresa May has formally notified the European Council of Britain’s intention to leave the European Union.

The clock is now ticking on what’s set to be a hugely complex and potentially ferocious two year negotiating process; the end result of which is anything but certain. What is clear, however, is that no business will be totally unaffected by the final outcome.

The willingness of business leaders to comment on the Brexit phenomenon, both prior to and following June’s referendum, has been varied. Figures such as James Dyson have been vocally optimistic about the UK’s prospects outside of the EU and the single market. Others like Richard Branson have been more sceptical. In the middle, the vast majority of business leaders have, understandably, not been keen to lift their head above the parapet.

However, now that the starting gun has been fired and we’ve gone beyond any question of blocking the evocation of Article 50, will that willingness change?

To say the months and years ahead will prove to be disruptive to the status quo is an understatement. But with disruption comes opportunity. Uncertainty and change provide fertile ground for thought leadership to flourish and take root.

From our view at Speed, there’s certainly been no let-up in the media’s appetite to canvas the views of business leaders on Brexit and its impact on particular business sectors. Now that we’re firmly moving from the theory to the practice of Brexit, that appetite for commentary will only become further exacerbated.

Brexit is now well and truly a reality and we’re all Brexiteers now. Clearly, there are always risks associated with giving a point of view. But if you can voice an informed, evidence-based opinion on what the road ahead may mean for your business, your customers and your sector, and if you qualify that opinion with a clear vision and viable solutions on the way forward for your industry, the PR prize could be grand.