Laura Rowlands 06 February 2018

A recent report issued by Glassdoor UK featured Marketing and Communication Managers in the top ten best jobs based on opportunities in the industry, salary and overall satisfaction. This got us thinking…is PR and Communications the ultimate dream job?

Whether it’s internal or external, a clear and consistent communications strategy lies at the heart of ensuring businesses are working well and performing at their best. As comms professionals, we get to know the businesses we work with inside and out to help shape a successful future for our clients – that is pretty rewarding.

From the rise of the ‘Instamum’ to the mantra of ‘content is king’, we are constantly evolving with the industry which means we are always learning and finding new ways to communicate with our audiences. Very few industries are as fast-paced and hungry for knowledge.

When we asked the Speed team ‘what is the best thing about working in PR?’ almost everyone replied that it was never boring! No day is the same, and we are constantly thinking of new, creative and insightful ways to inspire our Clients and their audiences….

• Underground aquarium pop-up? Let’s do it!
• A glass bottomed plane? Of course!
• Massive community mural created and hung in St Paul’s Catherdral? Why not!

The communications industry attracts a diverse mix of people, but one thing is common across everyone you meet who proudly wears the label ‘Comms Profesh’ – they are hard working, commited, energetic, fun, talented, supportive, inspiring and simply put, just blinkin’ nice. Or at least they are at Speed.

So in summary, is working the communications industry really the dream job?

For us, it most certainly is.