Building a loyal Instagram community for IAMS

Challenge: Build and develop an active and engaged Instagram community for IAMS UK.

Response: Speed took a two-fold approach to building the IAMS UK Instagram community, refreshing content and engaging with fans and influencers.

Tone of voice, design and positioning were all overhauled as part of the content strategy. Coupled with a far more visual approach, using video, competitions, partnerships, trending topics and hashtags resulted in a brand channel that resonates with the target audience – creating brand love and loyalty.

Speed also ramped up community engagement to generate, as well as, participate in conversations, connecting with key influencers to tap into new audiences and increase reach.

Results in 5 months:

  • 6,952% increase in new Instagram followers per month
  • 2,212% increase in average engagement per post
  • 1,497% increase in total engagement per month
6952% increase in Instagram followers2212% increase in engagement