The challenge

Speed was challenged with re-brand Femi-Free to INNOVO and launch Innovotherapy in the UK. The brief: to raise awareness of the product amongst women, as well as, lifting the lid on all things pelvic floor, breaking taboos to drive sales.

The solution

The target audience was identified as affluent females between the age of 35-45 with young children, but with a relatively low understanding regarding cause of their urinary incontinence; a weak pelvic floor. This is down to the fact that urinary incontinence remains a relatively taboo subject.  Crucially, this means that they don’t know that their condition can be treated and reversed by strengthening their pelvic floor using Innovotherapy and the INNOVO product.

Due to the level of education required on the issue, as well as the sensitivity of the subject matter, we focused on achieving quality, in-depth features over large quantities of smaller articles. These needed to both raise awareness on the importance of pelvic strength as well as position Innovotherapry as the most effective solution for pelvic floor strength.

We created a portfolio of assets, including an animation to break down the facts, real life case study videos to create empathy and imagery for marketing content. To support the PR launch we secured celebrity ambassadors Jo and Leah Wood to aid media interest on a taboo topic.

To ensure maximum media impact on launch week a media exclusive was set up with the Mail on Sunday and a mail out was organised; sending INNOVO product out to key women’s health and lifestyle media and bloggers, together with relevant relaxation gifts. Media partnerships were also established with three key titles: Mumsnet, Smallish, and Healthy in order to ensure content placement on a sensitive subject.

The most effective way to educate media on an issue and enable them to understand the benefits of the product is to get them in a room with experts and key influencers on the subject. An intimate launch event for media was held at a suite in the Hamyard Hotel, hosted by pelvic floor health experts Jane Wake and Dr Julian Spinks. Jo & Leah Wood were also in attendance to provide their personal accounts of experiencing urinary incontinence and conduct interviews with key journalists (The Times and Hello!) as well as create video shorts for owned channels and seeding to online media.

The results

  • PR coverage from the launch has led to the brand exceeding its sales targets by 500% in the UK. Key features in the Mail on Sunday, The Times and Hello!
  • Within the first month since launch there were 261 purchases with direct referral from media articles contributing to 71 sales (27.2%)
261 product purchases500% increase in sales15 large features10 key event attendees