Driving awareness of the impact of the recruitment industry


As the largest representative body for recruiters in the UK, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation believes that jobs transform lives.

To drive awareness of the impact that the recruitment industry has on people’s day to day lives, and on the wider UK economy, the REC asked Speed Communications to develop a campaign.


To highlight the valuable work recruiters do across the UK in a real and meaningful way, Speed Communications developed a plan for people themselves to tell their stories. We found eight people to tell their emotive tales of how a job had changed their lives on screen, producing a series of videos to appear online.

This formed part of a wider thought leadership campaign called Jobs Transform Lives, which REC partnered with the Telegraph to deliver. Through this media partnership, organised and delivered by Speed, the REC was able to collate the videos alongside a series of written case studies and features to appear on a dedicated section of the Telegraph’s website. This content hub was then used to channel visitors to a dedicated page on the REC website.

To form the backbone of the campaign, Speed also recommended the need for solid data to demonstrate the transformative power of a job, and a recruiter. Research was commissioned with YouGov to look at what contributed to people’s job decisions and the impact job choices had on people’s lives, which was developed into a high impact infographic, which also appeared on the Telegraph content hub.


The campaign launch achieved widespread coverage in REC’s key stakeholder media, the recruitment trade press, gaining traction across the recruitment industry. It also succeeded in raising the profile of the recruitment industry with a wider audience, prompting greater engagement with the potential force for good a recruiter can bring.

As a sign of internal stakeholder engagement, just one month after the campaign’s launch, a straw poll of  REC members found that 50 per cent  were “on board” with the new campaign, twice as many as that of the average campaign.

In response to the success of Speed Communications’ campaign, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation extended Jobs Transform Lives to 2017. Watch this space for more engaging stories about how British recruiters are transforming lives across the country.

6 video case studies filmed, edited and seeded 30+ pieces of media coverage generated, with more than 50% classified as thought leadership1.17% Twitter engagement rate