Speed makes SugarCRM stand out from the crowd


Speed has been helping SugarCRM, a business software company with trade PR and thought leadership support to differentiate it from other corporate Customer Relationship Management vendors.


SugarCRM wanted to challenge larger, more established rivals for visibility in UK media and gain a reputation for thought-provoking commentary.  Over the course of 10 months the team secured and wrote 16 strong by-lined articles which questioned the status quo, posed challenging questions, answered business challenges and predicted the future of customer relationship management.

Speed helped to build a thought leadership reputation and presence for Sugar CRM leaders in the UK by crafting ready to use comment that could secure short-lead news based opportunities, as well as forging key guest blogging and publishing relationships with priority portals.


We have generated a meaningful early stream of coverage spanning news, trade and technical media such as Reuters, Computer Business Review, TechRadarPro, Computer Weekly, TechWeek Europe and key B2B and CRM specialist titles such as B2B Marketing and My Customer.

16 bylined articles in key publications