Leverage Brand Partnerships to Grow Social Followers

Challenge: Use partnership activity to help Tetra tap into a new audience of families with children and introduce them to fishkeeping.

Response: Tetra partnered with Trunki, a leading family travel brand, on a joint social media promotion designed to leverage the large network of parents that follow Trunki on social media. Speed’s strategy was to raise the profile of Tetra by demonstrating the positive benefits of fishkeeping and inspiring parents to invest in their children’s first fish tank.

We hosted a joint competition, pairing Trunki’s fish rucksacks with a Tetra beginner aquarium to create an aquatics themed prize bundle. The competition was then activated across both brand’s social channels.

Trunki also included a guest post about Tetra on its website with tips on getting children their first fish and advice on how to care for fish whilst on holiday. This  content was then shared in the Trunki newsletter, reaching over 90,000 subscribers in the ABC1 parenting demographic.


  • 51% increase in social media followers from a relevant target demographic
  • 10,004 social engagements
  • 148,033 total reach on social media
51% increase in social following10k social engagements150k reach on social