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Digital strategy

We don’t ‘do’ digital or social for its own sake – we do it to make a difference.

Focusing on outcomes over outputs, we have a dedicated and widely experienced digital team in place to create a deliver a digital strategy tailored to your business. Covering the digital communications spectrum from start to finish; we have digital strategists, experts in digital marketing including organic and paid search (SEO and PPC), social media content creators, community managers and performance-obsessed analytics junkies.
While it’s important your PR teams understand digital, we believe it’s equally crucial for your digital teams to ‘get’ marketing and PR in order to deliver truly effective, integrated strategies and campaigns. That’s why we’ve gone to the efforts of recruiting a digital team with a broad and solid grounding in PR, marketing and communications.
We use our expertise across the digital and social spectrum to plan, create and deliver effective, tailor-made solutions to our clients, whether it’s creating deeper connections between brands and fans through the social media communities we’ve created, using our expertise in website optimisation and search to help new customers find (and use) our clients’ websites easily, or creating powerful content to reach – and resonate with – the right audiences online.
One of the things we love about what we do is that we never stop learning. We’re always looking for new ways to improve, evolve or build upon what we deliver. We do this through our ongoing fascination with data, whether using it to inform our strategies from the get-go to applying what we learn through measurement and analysis of our activity to future campaigns.

Our services:

  • Social media audits
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media consultancy
  • Social media training
  • Community management
  • Online crisis management
  • Multi-platform digital content creation including copywriting, video and design
  • Website optimisation
  • Traffic measurement
  • User experience consultancy
  • Paid search (Pay-Per-Click, or PPC)
  • Social advertising
  • Online outreach