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Best in Show

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Laura Rowlands
Associate Director

As the Principle Sponsor of Crufts for the 7th year running, EUKANUBA had one request; to get them on TV and support their new proposition around lifelong wellbeing for both dog and owner…easy task, right?…….right?

OK, so back at Speed HQ we put our thinking caps on…how could we build an idea that would excite broadcasters, whilst putting our Client’s brand philosophy at the heart? Insight suggested we needed a blend of popular pet trends to capture the interest of the media combined with the emotion that is at the heart of all pet-owner relationships, all wrapped up in a creative first – something that even Clare Balding wouldn’t be able to resist!

The result? ‘A Dog’s Tale’.

Our intel told us that it has been scientifically proven that classical music can have a relaxing effect on the human body, slowing the pulse rate, lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress levels. But could the same be said for our dogs?

Working with classical music composer, Iain Jackson, we created ‘A Dog’s Tale’, an original score of classical music designed specifically for dogs, even down to the number of beats per minute which replicated that of a dog’s heartbeat when calm and at rest. Drafting in our veterinary expert, we proved that ‘A Dog’s Tale’ did in fact have the same, desired impact on dogs as humans, with the results from our canine focus group showing a reduction in heart rate of the dogs by 22% after listening to the piece of music. Clare Balding was going to love it.

And she did.

Having launched officially at Crufts, we secured an exclusive with ‘The Balding’ herself, airing live from Crufts on Channel 4. This was supported with a national exclusive in The Times. The story was then rolled out with Press Association, radio plays and interviews, plus widespread media coverage across consumer lifestyle, national, pet and trade titles, and a barking mad response from the famous dogs of Instagram (#pawsome).

What’s more, ‘A Dog’s Tale’ has been downloaded over 2,000 times, resulted in a spike in web traffic of 87.6%, increased time on site by 13.4%, referral web traffic more than quadrupled, generated over 40 pieces of coverage and achieved organic social reach of over 40,000.

Oh, and did we forget to mention, we also landed a live TV interview with our Veterinary Expert, Kellie Ceccarelli and Clare Balding on the Best in Show programme with estimated viewing figures of over 2 million. Just a casual chat around the benefits of EUKANUBA’S nutrition. Not a bad way to end a 4-day event with stellar results and a truly delighted Client (and team……we are buzzing and can’t wait until Crufts 2019!).

So from Speed, congratulations to Best in Show winner, Tease the Whippet, very well deserved. However, we think there was another Best in Show crown at Crufts 2018…just saying!


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