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When a 102-year-old tried indoor skydiving…

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Ellie Fry
Senior Account Manager

If you’re looking for a feel good Friday story, look no further.

This month we were lucky enough to work on a heart-warming story for our client iFLY which quite literally defied both age and gravity.

Eva Lewis, our 102-year-old hero, had been busy ticking off numerous adrenaline-fuelled activities since her 100th birthday from riding a Harley Davidson to flying in a Spitfire. For her 102nd birthday, Eva and her family had the next challenge firmly within their sights: taking part in an indoor skydive.

The amazing team at iFLY Milton Keynes were able to make Eva’s dreams come true when she flew in wind speeds of up to 110mph, as four generations of her family looked on!

Here at Speed, as soon as we got wind (excuse the pun) that there *might* be a chance of a centenarian attempting an indoor skydive at iFLY – we knew it was media gold. By the weekend of the flight, regional radio broadcasts were already in the bag, but we knew this story had national and broadcast appeal. Armed with video footage of Eva’s flight, some fantastic images and plenty of coffee, the iFLY PR team hit the phones for an early morning sell in – pitching to national newsdesks, picture desks, online reporters, broadcasters and many more.

By lunchtime, the story had quite literally begun to fly with coverage appearing on the Evening Standard and BBC News Online. With BBC Newsbeat posting the video via their social channels, this inspiring story began to go viral. Within a day, the footage of Eva at iFLY had soared to become the most viewed video on BBC News Online.

And it didn’t stop there. The next morning, the story had made page two of The Daily Telegraph, been featured in The Daily Express and Eva even had the presenters of BBC Breakfast talking about her incredible skydive with iFLY.

Several weeks on, the ‘Eva’ effect continues, with social media still fascinated by the incredible great-grandmother and iFLY reporting an uplift in web traffic.

For more on this, check out the iFLY website here …and whatever you’re doing this weekend: Be More Eva.

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