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We’re Brand Film Festival Awards finalists!

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Jim Gillingham
Speed's Production Editor

A film we made has been shortlisted in the Brand Film Festival 2019.

“How long would it take you” was part of a campaign around firedoor safety, which we launched amidst the Grenfell Tower fire inquiry last year.

Our client the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) felt that a year after the Grenfell disaster, changes around firedoor safety were not happening quickly enough.

They wanted to do something brave. Our response? A poem.

Delivered straight to camera in two simple shots, Hannah Mansell of BWF weaves the names of some the victims into an emotional call for change.

It’s simple and effective. And the Brand Film Festival judges clearly thought so too.

The winners will be announced at a special event on 1 May.

We’re hugely proud of this work, and we hope we win, but what really matters is that last year’s #FiredoorSafetyWeek campaign was the most successful in the BWF’s history.

This film was part of a campaign that helped BWF deliver an important message at a crucial time.

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