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Welcome to Speed’s roundup of the best B2B campaigns out there

IBM Calls for Code

IBM wanted a campaign to connect better with its developers. Meanwhile, the world was, and still is, undergoing an unprecedented number of natural disasters. In response, Call for Code was born – a multi-year global initiative that rallies developers all over the world to drive positive change and address readiness for disasters by writing and sharing code. In collaboration with The David Clark Cause, The American Red Cross and The UN, IBM Originals (the content studio within IBM) launched the world’s largest hackathon, kick-started the annual Call for Code competition and released the feature-length documentary Code & Response, showing how “a new generation of disaster-responders dare to bring a new tool to save lives: code.”

Why we think it’s great: “With the ongoing Call for Code global campaign, IBM is clearly positioning itself as a pioneer in new technologies, bringing coders, futurists and humanists together. The documentary brilliantly shows off its creativity and compassion while establishing IBM’s ethos and capabilities in championing a cause that matters to everyone on the planet.”

5G Rural & Me+Moo

How to promote awareness of the 5G Rural First and the importance of connectivity for the UK’s rural businesses and communities? By connecting with a real-life cow of course. Developed for Cisco, the fun app Me+Moo allowed users to use the IoT collars (the ‘moonitors’) of dairy cows in a connected farm and received data on the cow’s wellbeing with milking, sleeping, scratching and resting data. Users were rewarded with points for inviting friends, sharing, sending messages and joining herds with the most active moving up the leadership board and sharing the campaign at the same time.

Why we think it’s great: “While connecting with their chosen cow, users received information about 5G Rural First and connected farms. With more than 5,000 users in the first week and more than 1,000 herds, the lighthearted approach was a novel way of promoting technology.”

Rolls Royce & Trent 1000

Rolls Royce is as close to royalty as it’s possible for an engineering brand to be. So when faults in its Trent 1000 jet engines disrupted a number of commercial flights, its brand confidence, reputation and share price were badly rocked. With the brand under a siege of negative press and shaky investor confidence, their civil aerospace PR team embarked on a dogged, volume-based, multi-channel strategy, ‘The Power of Trent’, designed to take back control of the conversation.

Why we think it’s great:It’s not sexy or innovative, but the mark of a great corporate comms team is knowing when to get fancy versus when to roll their sleeves up. And when this team decide to dig in, they don’t mess about. Following their three-month news, digital and social positivity mega-barrage, industry confidence rebounded and Rolls-Royce secured several new orders for Trent 1000 engines.”

Korn Ferry’s Talent Crunch

Korn Ferry had three objectives: to reposition the brand as an organisational consultancy, to showcase itself as a global thought leader, and to create a powerful hook for KF consultants to have profitable conversations with business leaders. By honing in on a C-suite blind spot of talent over technology, three global studies were commissioned to demonstrate the mismatch between skilled talent supply and demand. This was backed by a nine-month global integrated marketing communications campaign driven by a single key message: “The Talent Crunch is coming.”

Why we think it’s great: “We applaud the rigour and confidence of these new startling new campaign stats, all supported by a micro-site housing a range of content including reports, videographics, infographics, blogs and an interactive salary surge calculator. The campaign generated over 600 pieces of global coverage and successfully repositioned Korn Ferry as a consultancy firm with expert insights.”

O2’s News Jack

O2 found an interesting way to news jack an Ofcom statement on UK mobile contract terms. Among other things, it suggested that some operators were continuing to charge their users for handsets as part of their monthly split contract payments, even after the full amount of the device has been repaid. Would you keep paying for something you already own? The people in this hidden camera video certainly didn’t think so.

Why we think it’s great: “Ofcom was in discussion with all UK operators about their ‘fair deal’ statement before the campaign video was released, which meant everyone had an opportunity to devise a clever response. It should be noted that the statement covered a range of questionable charges and practices, not all of which O2 could so blamelessly poke fun at. But in this case, the quick thinking of the operator’s digital content team allowed their brand to get ahead of the conversation on a more comfortable moral high ground.”

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