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Lifelines during Lockdown

Lockdown cabin fever? I’m sure we aren’t the only ones out there that are finding lockdown 3.0 much harder.

However, there are some great online resources out there that are helping us beat the boredom. From exercise to painting, cookery to music, here’s 16 things to try right now (all tried and tested by our expert Speedsters!).


1. Map My Run: Track everything from pace, stride length and cadence, plus get personalised coaching tips along the way


2. Yoga With Adriene: Particularly recommend her five morning morning yoga as a great way to start the day

3. Pilates & Yoga with Katya: Offers a range of Pilates/Yoga exercises from quick fifteen minute sessions to hour-long whole


4. Popsugar Fitness YouTube channel:  So many good workouts and some fun trainers – particularly love Raneir Pollard who keeps you smiling throughout!

5. Kit Rich on YouTube: Offers a range of different workouts including Pilates

6. The FIIT app: Lots of different classes at different levels

7. The Results Wellness Lifestyle app: You can currently sign up for free 30-day trial, and it has an array of different workouts and exercises programmes you can follow, as well as lots of recipes but also videos on positive mental health, meditation etc. There is even a course you can do in confidence!

8. The Nike Training app: This is completely free and has lots of different workouts for beginners, to advanced level. The sessions range from 5 mins to 45 mins so are easy to fit in!

9. The Couch 2 5K app: The easy to follow programme, known the world over


10. Calm: The number one app for sleep and meditation. £17 for a year.


11. Annie Mac’s ‘Changes’ podcast (on Spotify & Apple Music): It’s brilliant and has new episodes coming soon

12. Krafty Kuts live stream: This has been a soundtrack to our Friday nights (,


13. Art Enthusiasts London: Virtual classes for children and adults

14. Art Room Brighton: Currently offering daily drop in cartoon classes for the whole family (Monday-Fridays, 11.30pm – 12.30pm)


15: Supper Club: Online cookery courses. There’s a whole array of options/ one-off sessions running, including a Saturday night ‘takeaway’ option


16: Readly:  All your favourite mags in one place!

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