What lies beneath with BISSELL
Sector: Consumer
Home Lifestyle

BISSELL needed to drive sales of its range of floorcare and steam products.  The challenge was most people were not even aware carpet washing was a thing, so getting them to care about it was the big challenge.

Insight showed that aesthetics alone were not going to be enough to encourage people to invest in a steam cleaning or washing product. We needed a stronger motivator. We conducted research to examine what lies beneath people’s carpet fibres and explored the consequences of poor floor hygiene to encourage people to regularly wash their carpet and steam their homes.   Leveraging the media appeal of independent hygiene expert, Dr Lisa Ackerley, we put BISSELL and carpet washing on the national news agenda.

Sales of the products experienced an uplift of 84% as a result of coverage secured in the Daily Mail, MailOnline and Scottish Daily Mail. Coverage in This Morning also led to a market increase of 54% and sales uplift of 40% on BISSELL Direct