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Advances in digital communications and the shrinking of the world means many brands and companies need to be able to communicate not just in the country they operate but globally. Speed has extensive experience of delivering multinational or multi-country campaigns in an effective and impactful way.

Speed can offer UK PR and communications support through our local offices as well as pan-regional and global communications expertise through an experienced multi-lingual team who have worked across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia. Where needed we work with our respected and trusted global network of over 40 partners, which span five continents, drawing on their understanding of business, cultural, economic and communications differences to ensure in-country campaigns cut through.

With nearly half of our clients benefiting from comms support in more than one country, Speed has extensive experience of delivering cross boarder campaigns in an effective and impactful way. Acting as the UK-based global hub, we create and deliver strategies which benefit from a centralised approach maximising on the ground expertise. The advantages of this are many, including:

  • You only brief one agency, once – we brief the countries in turn
  • We are ultimately responsible for results across all markets – if there is a problem in any country, we fix it – delivering this is one reporting dashboard that compares coverage across markets fairly
  • Centrally produced content ensures message consistency across markets…
  • ….but we work with our trusted partners to tailor content so that it’s right for their target audience