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Measuring impact

You don’t invest in comms because it’s a nice to do. You do it to make a positive difference to your business. Measurement and evaluation is crucial and that’s why we focus on proving our value, every day.

In the multi-channel comms world, there will always be an element of brand awareness that is unmeasurable but what we aim to do is find the balance and recognise success as a result of both the measurable and immeasurable.

So we’ve developed our own, industry leading measurement platform – PACE (Performance, Assessment, Commerciality and Evolution). This bespoke, impact, measurement tool can be tailored to any client and campaign. It’s data smart, collating all available statistics and insight from clients (yes we will need you to help with some of the leg work), independent monitoring services and our own tools to accurately measure and visualise a campaign’s overall success.

We include, but go beyond, assessing traditional PR outcomes like the volume of media coverage to measure the impact that our activity has had in helping clients to achieve their business objectives. In short, delivering and highlighting measurable impact. PACE also allows us to track the correlation between our comms activity and tangible business outcomes be that sales, lead generation or share price change.

From day one of working with clients, we are SMART, setting outcome-focused KPIs that use a broad range of data, metrics and insight available to effectively measure the true impact of our communications activity. We then top it off with human expertise and critical thinking to evolve our clients’ communication strategies, to design and optimise campaigns that are more targeted, more impactful and more cost effective.