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Measuring PR’s bottom-line impact

You don’t invest in comms because it’s a nice to do. You do it to make a positive difference to your business. Measurement and evaluation is crucial and that’s why we focus on proving our value, every day.

“What was the bottom-line business impact of your PR campaign?”

At Speed, answering that question is fundamental to the service we provide. It’s also fundamental to the way we refine and optimise our work for maximum impact.

And whatever you may have been told, effective PR measurement doesn’t have to be too difficult or costly.

We know this because we’ve built our own in-house evaluation system, PACE (Performance, Assessment, Commerciality and Evolution). It’s the result of a two-year project to develop a cost-effective PR measurement solution for our clients.

PACE is a cloud-based, live analytics dashboard that tracks and measures PR performance against bespoke, bottom-line business KPIs. It’s easy to set up and is available to Speed clients today in a range of service and accessibility options.

To find out more about how the platform works or to arrange a live demo, call 0117 973 3300/ email

Watch our webinar to discover more about measuring the business impact of your PR campaigns: