A Day in the Life of an Intern
Sector: News

In this developing age of remote working, it is no surprise that consequently, work experience has also followed suit. In the world of business, this roughly translates to “download Teams and get comfortable”. Being able to work hybrid for the week at Speed has not only given me a strong insight into the world of PR, but also an insight into the evolving world of business in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Working remote on my first day resulted in various calls and emails from several Speed team members, and to say that I felt welcomed would be an understatement. I had a brief introduction, learning about the two PR divisions as well as the three pillars of Speed, followed by a vast amount of support and reassurance. This support was consistent throughout the week, and there was no instance where I felt nervous to ask someone a question about anything. I spent the first day compiling a calendar of important dates for the company and producing trend summaries for 2022.

The next two days I was in the office. Not only did this mean receiving a quick workplace tour, but I was also able to meet some of the team members in person (crazy, right?) I had multiple meetings across both days, learning more in depth about both the ‘Consumer and Hospitality’ division and the ‘Business and Corporate’ division, getting a feel for how they each operate. Working on various projects for clients, my tasks involved different types of research and contacting numerous associations, which was nicely broken up by the friendly conversation with team members throughout the day.

Following this, my final two days, which were remote once again, I was introduced to the digital and production teams, as well as sitting in on a large company meeting. Fortunately, I was also given the chance to write posts into a social media calendar for one of Speed’s clients, allowing me to experience the process of producing content.

Throughout my time at Speed, I have received nothing but warmth, encouragement and support from every member of staff. I have been able to catch a glimpse into the different aspects of PR, as well as how they efficiently work together to please each client. Through producing content, I have learnt how to fulfil a brief, and after spending time researching, I have also learnt that there is a magazine for literally everything.

All jokes aside, this placement has been rewarding and eye-opening. I am extremely thankful that I was able to work hybrid, emulating a regular work week due to COVID. I am also thankful for the reassuring and kind team members who not only helped me to make the most of my work experience and further understand the world of PR, but also treated me as just another member of the team.

By Dan Able.