BRITA Creates the Perfect Love Letter to the UK’s hospitality industry
Food & Hospitality

The context 

2022 was one of the toughest years on record for the hospitality industry in the UK.  A combination of recovering from lockdowns, then supply chain issues, resourcing problems and surging energy costs, meant there was very little good news in the sector. 

The impact was felt no more so than on hospitality workers themselves, with 4 out of 5 of them having experienced mental health issues in their careers. 

So BRITA Professional, one of the leading voices and partners to the hospitality industry, wanted to help lead a positive conversation about the sector and focus on one of the incredible things about the industry….its people and more importantly what they mean to each other. 

With research from Gallup showing that workplace friendships increase productivity by a massive seven-fold and more importantly, make a dramatic impact on people’s mental well-being, we wanted to get people talking…..about those very friendships and what they mean. 

The campaign 

BRITA Perfect Pairings was a campaign to remind people in hospitality, that even in the bleakest times, they have supportive shoulders to lean on. 

So first, with the support of The Burnt Chef Project, a globally recognised not-for-profit social enterprise, we got the conversation going in press. We investigated the importance of having a work best friend, particularly in industries like hospitality and the positive impact that it can have on mental well being. 

And then took it to the hospitality workers themselves, giving them the chance to tell the real, human stories behind workplace Perfect Pairings – what forming great friendships at work really means.  The shared laughs, memories and tears, all captured in videos that were released on social media platforms, getting people talking across social channels and recognising the importance of the support and love from colleagues.  And influencers got involved too. 

We even gave people and their Perfect Pairing the chance to escape the everyday with a ‘Bestie Day Off Ever’ competition, to win a Michelin-Starred adventure together. 


The results 

Not only did Perfect Pairings get people talking, reaching more than 3.25 million people and gaining an impressive 550% above target media coverage.  It also helped raise the profile of mental health issues within the industry and spread positivity for BRITA Professional in other ways, with a whole load of positive sentiment. What’s more, it’s also been shortlisted for seven awards and counting and was the PRCA Dare Awards B2B Campaign of the Year for the South West. 


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Helen Collingborn, Head of Food & Hospitality