Capitalising on the "Beyonce Blip" for Equals Money
Client: Equals
Sector: Consumer
foreign exchange money travel

Whether it’s Harry, Taylor or Beyoncé, stadium tours have been making headlines this year as crowds flock to see their favourite star perform live. As people travel further afield for shows, festivals, and sporting events, it can have an impact on the local economy – especially for smaller destinations. The ‘Beyonce blip’ term was even coined after she played two Swedish shows last May and bumped inflation by 0.2%. More than just an interesting phenomenon, this can have a real impact for travellers spending in the local currency, and travel agents paying their suppliers.

The payments and FX specialists, Equals Money, challenged us with helping it raise its profile with travel agencies – and to get cut through with this niche media we knew we needed to create a campaign that stood out and tapped into this emerging trend.

We conducted research with consumers to uncover which events were motivating them to travel abroad, how much they knew about exchange rates and their perceptions of booking through travel agents in a post-COVID world. The results were clear – with financial pressures front of mind for many, now more than ever people value the trust and insight of travel agents when booking their trips away.

By combining this consumer trends research with insight from Equals’ resident FX expert, Thanim Islam, we created a compelling research and accompanying index graphic – providing useful insight for travellers and agents alike.

So far, we’ve secured 12 pieces of national coverage and 5 trade articles – amassing a reach of a whopping 971 million readers!