Crafting Campaigns That Click: My Start at Speed πŸš€

It was during the first lockdown, when I was working as a health advisor for the NHS 111 service, that I knew I needed to find a creative job that excited me. Having always enjoyed creative subjects at school as well as having a strategic and analytical mindset, I steered towards a career in marketing. During my marketing degree at university I gravitated towards the ever-evolving world of digital; I knew I wanted to work within an innovative and fast-paced environment, and the dynamism of digital along with my love for social media enticed me down this route. Within marketing, digital is the sector experiencing the biggest growth in spend, and research has found that 72% of marketing experts now allocate the majority of their budgets to digital campaigns, indicating it’s a career path that will continue to grow in demand.

I began working as a Digital Marketing Executive, which allowed me to gain a well-rounded understanding of digital marketing fundamentals and pinpoint the direction I wanted to go in. I most enjoyed paid media, which led me to join Speed as a Paid Media Account Executive. I was keen to work at a bigger, more dynamic and creative agency, where I was surrounded by people I can learn from, in an environment that encourages me to grow. And Speed is exactly that!

As well as being surrounded by talented and experienced professionals, the support system and opportunities to learn are beyond what I had hoped for. Everyone has different priorities when choosing a job, but being early in my career, one of my biggest priorities is having the opportunity to learn. We have regular training sessions covering various topics, as well as time allocated to spend on training to achieve personal goals and objectives. Examples of recent training sessions include how to use Google Analytics 4, an introduction to AI and presentation training. These are not only invaluable for training purposes but also to keep up to date with the ever-changing digital landscape.

My day can include working on new business proposals, monitoring and optimising ongoing campaigns, ad copywriting, producing campaign reports and much more. I work with a variety of clients using different channels within both our Consumer & Hospitality and Business & Corporate divisions. From launching an Instagram campaign to promote a new hair tool, to running targeted LinkedIn campaigns to drive B2B leads, work is never the same.

I have loved being able to work on multi-channel marketing campaigns alongside other teams in our agency including social media and PR teams. Working with one another enables us to streamline our marketing activities to perfectly complement each other, as well as share creative insights and expertise. I have really enjoyed taking part in brainstorming for campaign ideas as well as group training sessions. The social life and fun, supportive work culture is something that’s such a bonus to have and ultimately must play a big part in the reason people stay at Speed for so long.

My first 3 months at Speed have been super exciting, and I’m looking forward to continue to learn and expand my digital skillset!

By Alex Glancy, Paid Media AE