At the crack of dawn on Thursday 10th August, the Speed consumer team found themselves in Kennington Park, London getting ready to activate a world first… The Butternut Box Edible Bowlboard.

What is an edible bowlboard you ask? Well, it was a barking mad and creatively brilliant idea we came up with a few weeks ago…

Rewind to mid-June, when we first spoke to Butternut Box about its upcoming summer campaign focused on educating dog owners on hidden nasties found in many dog foods. Butternut Box wanted to showcase the freshness and human-grade quality ingredients of Butternut Box – that you can see and say. To put it succinctly – a campaign to put the food back into dog food!

Dog food in supermarket is sold in between the bin bags and bleach, and we really wanted to highlight the difference between those cans and the freshness and quality of Butternut Box. To do so we created a news-generating and direct-to-consumer experience that would bring this to life.

Our research showed that that people don’t really understand what is in their dog’s food, but care deeply about the quality of the food they feed their  pup. So, we created the first ever edible ‘Bowlboard’, a billboard packed with all of the real ingredients – that you can see and say – that make up a Butternut Box meal. We created tasting stations for pups and invited down a pack of doggy influencers and their humans, as well as people walking their pooches in the park to have a taste.

It’s only one week in and the campaign has delivered blanket national coverage including the The Independent, Daily Express, The Sun and Star– with 90% of the online outlets featuring the branded campaign video. London Live covered the activation on its 6pm news show – and industry press such as PR Week and Pet Gazette have highlighted it as campaign of the week! The activation drove subscription sign-ups on the day and Google searches for Butternut Box increased 67.3% compared with the previous month.

PR with Power strikes again.