International Podcast Day - an audio treat and some recommendations

Listen up! It’s National Podcast Day and rather than hit you with the hard sell (Speed makes great podcasts for a diverse client list so please get in touch if you’re interested in what audio can do for your business – there, a bracketed sell, not too bad) then we’d celebrate by doing two things.  

First, we’ve made a special podcast episode. It’s called “Even Your Favourite Podcast has a Podcast – the Podcast” and you can listen to it via APPLE PODCASTS, SPOTIFY or SOUNDCLOUD.  

Come for the chat with our production team about why they love audio so much and stay for a song about cheese. Yes really. 

Secondly, we’ve asked the Speed team for some personal podcast highlights and recommendations which we’ve typed out for you below. All links are to Apple Podcasts but almost all are available on the podcast platform of your choice. 

First in the queue, it’s Meg who wants to share her passion for NO SUCH THING AS A FISH. “I love this podcast because it gives me utterly random knowledge which is sometimes handy in conversations. i.e., did you know The Dalai Lama is frightened of caterpillars?” We do now Meg. 

Self-confessed Annie Macmanus “fangirl” Lydia is in full-flushed love with ANNIE MAC – CHANGES.Amazing, varied guests having insightful conversations – not just celebrities but scientists, activists, all sorts” smiles Lydia. 

Charlie hits us with one-two-three of recommendations: FOOTBALL RAMBLE – “the best of the bunch of football podcasts” says Charlie, not without controversy. Next on Charlie’s list is JAACKMAATE’S HAPPY HOUR, a Spotify exclusive; “I enjoy the content” says Charlie enigmatically.  And finally, SMALL TOWN MURDER in which two comedians talk about murders in tiny towns in America. “Very funny” says Charlie, a little worryingly.  

THIS AMERICAN LIFE is Clare’s choice. She loves how they weave different stories around a central theme. TAL is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Fact.  

Who’s this? It’s Julia, with a veritable suitcase-full of great audio that she’s opening in front of you. Jules, over to you.  

“Thanks Jim. I’ve been listening to BRITISH SCANDAL, which basically brings to life infamous British scandals (Lord Lucan, Phone Hacking, Maxwell etc) I keep listening because it’s very accessible and the subjects are familiar but listening you realise how little you know. 

 I’m also a massive sucker for any food crossed with interview formats: OUT TO LUNCH WITH JAY RAYNER, OFF MENU and TABLE MANNERS. Because I love food and interviews. 

BBC Sounds has some good documentary podcasts – I just binged two: the Post Office scandal and the 90s rave scene. I think again because they bring these subjects to life really well. They’re also usually pretty short and I can listen while I do other things! Very functional.” 

Thanks Jules. Excellent list. 

Knock knock! Who’s there? It’s Max.  

Max wants you to know about THE REST IS POLITICS, a “great insight into what’s going on across the world from two people who’ve been at the heart of it – Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart” and its sister podcast, THE REST IS HISTORY. “I came for the episode about Putin and stayed for the witty banter”, says Max. 

Soccer-mad liberal Max also tips his hat to GUARDIAN FOOTBALL WEEKLY, “a funny and more than occasionally irreverent take on the game” says Max sounding like a soccer-mad liberal.  

Max’s fourth recommendation, THE ADAM BUXTON PODCAST. “Funny host, funny guests” is Max’s verdict. And you know what, he’s right, as he so often is. 

Our Head of Hospitality Helen keeps it on-brand with HOSPITALITY MEETS, “some excellent guests from the world of hospitality” says our Helen approvingly.  

Jocelyn has been on holiday but she’s back just in time to give you two, contrasting recommendations. Firstly, the GRENFELL TOWER INQUIRY PODCAST; “it tells the whole story of this terrible event and should be heard by both people in the industry and the wider public to get a better understanding as well as learning how to prevent this from happening again” says Jocelyn. 

And then FILM STORIES WITH SIMON BREW appeals to Jocelyn’s “nerdy nature” and looks at “the challenges and successes throughout film production”. 

Is that enough podcasts for you? 

If you want MORE then please do listen to our special podcast (link above) in which we sit in a small room and talk about the podcasts we love, why we love them and then we talk about cheese. 

Happy International Podcast Day.