Making the Change with TePe

Oral health brand TePe challenged us to come up with a creative campaign to educate the nation about the importance of good dental hygiene, whilst championing the benefits of interdental cleaning.

With insight showing that humans are naturally creatures of habit, we knew that the campaign needed to demonstrate that when it comes to our health, we don’t have to make huge changes to get the desired results.

Tying in with the brand’s above the line creative, we set out to highlight how a little brush can be that small change which makes a big difference when it comes to our oral health.

The result? Make the Change, an integrated campaign to highlight that a little change is often we need to protect our bodies, our health, and even the health of the planet.

Bringing the campaign to life

To educate consumers about the importance of oral health and communicate how making small changes daily can bring big benefits for our overall wellbeing, TePe needed to first understand the nation’s attitude to change.

We commissioned a survey with 2,000 UK adults, which revealed that millions of people don’t like change, but recognise it could be holding them back.

From our haircuts to oral hygiene routines, the data reinforced the idea that people are often resistant to change, but that a reluctance to adapt can, at times, have a detrimental impact on our wellbeing.

To lift a lid on the psychology of change, TePe teamed up Behavioural Psychologist, Jo Hemmings, and Dental Therapist, Amanda Sheehan, to create a downloadable report, packed with helpful advice on how to confidently make small tweaks to everyday habits to improve our wellbeing – with a focus on oral health.

This report was supported by a robust media relations and influencer engagement programme. A suite of interactive content including infographics and animations was also created to engage media, create click-ability and drive website traffic.

The campaign was amplified via social media and earned media outreach, delivering blanket national coverage in the likes of the Daily Mail, Independent, Daily Express and The Mirror, as well as industry press such as The Dentist and Dental Review News.

Demonstrating PR with Power in action, we’ve seen 50 media articles published for the campaign to date. Over 60% included weblinks, with Google searches for TePe up 200% in the wake of the campaign launch.