PR trends report 2023 edition
2023 Business & Consumer Trends

It’s been a super busy start to the year at Speed HQ. Having secured seven new account wins, welcomed three recruits into the team and kicked off new campaigns for our existing clients, it’s been all go!  But that hasn’t stopped our senior team from diving headfirst into a deep pool of reading, research and future-gazing, to analyse the marketing trends and uncover an array of PR possibilities for the year ahead.

Combining business brains and creative muscle, the result of that thinking is the Speed Trends Report for 2023.

Covering all key sectors, from influencer to manufacturing and everything in-between, it gives our best predictions on what to expect in terms of consumer and customer behaviour.

Using media intelligence, social know-how and expert insight, Speed’s approach will help brands and businesses create first-class comms.

Key trends include how to harness the power of Tik Tok, what is emerging around consumer spending during a down-turn and the ways in which B2B comms can talk in a relevant way to Gen Z.

There’s no denying that the coming year is going to present multiple challenges. The term ‘perma-crisis’ was Collins’ Dictionary word of the year for good reason. There is major upheaval in terms of consumer behaviour and in all areas of the business world.

However, as us seasoned PRs know, there is always opportunity to engage with audiences in a powerful way, whatever is happening in the culture at large.

Our Trends Report can help you do that – and you can access a taster here. Or, if you fancy delving into the full read, then please fill out the form below.

Happy reading!

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