The Power of Authenticity when working with celebrities
Client: Haven
Sector: Consumer
case study

One of the key reasons behind the success of working with celebrity influencers is the ability they have to connect with their audience, as they offer a glimpse into their glamorous, yet often relatable lives. It’s this genuine connection which fosters trust, resulting in higher engagement for brands, as we saw recently for our client Haven Holidays…

Last year we enlisted the help of TV legend Joe Swash to support us in re-launching Haven’s Kent Coast holiday park. This partnership has seen Joe (and his family) visit Haven on a regular basis since then.

On a recent trip, Joe brought along wife and national sweetheart Stacey Solomon to enjoy the fun. Stacey & Joe documented the whole trip for their faithful following, from their time in the caravan to all the family activities. They drew a relatable picture for their followers and gave a view on what to expect at a Haven holiday.

And how did the Speed team make the most of this opportunity? We set to work to create a ‘Stacey & Joe itinerary’, which replicated the trip to Haven, perfect for national and consumer journalists looking to show their readers how to holiday like Joe and Stacey.

And the results speak for themselves…

Stacey and Joe’s trip resulted in a 40% increase in sales to Kent Coast during the time Joe & Stacey stayed compared to 7 days prior, 499% increase in organic social visits to and 813% increase in visits from organic social to the Kent Coast webpage.

The national coverage we secured documenting the trip reached an incredible 339+M.

Now that’s PR with power.