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Diomed, Dermal Laboratories

Launching a brand that truly talks to sufferers

In an increasingly crowded skincare market, how could we make the most of Diomed’s impressive heritage, while also creating and landing a bold new identity? One that understands, and connects with, sufferers on an emotional and practical level.

The market is full of brands targeting dry skin sufferers. Some create an ideal to aspire to, others tap into insecurity. Our insight suggested neither approach particularly resonated with our audience. When you’re suffering from a dry skin condition, you don’t want to be treated as a problem. But nor are you striving for flawless perfection. You’re just longing for ‘normal’.

Working in partnership with our sister Mission agencies, we delivered an engaging through the line campaign for Diomed. Our PR campaign was grounded in ‘Trigger Talks’; a content series brought to life through podcasts, media, influencers, events and expert spokespeople that laddered up to the audience’s ultimate goal: skin that simply lets them live their every- day lives. One built around real insight, to position Diomed as an exciting and understanding new voice in the skincare conversation.

A flurry of media coverage throughout the launch, supported with an army of influencers recommending the product contributed to a sales volume increased by nearly 200% per week from the start to end of the campaign.

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