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Grant Thornton

Supporting Grant Thornton with the deployment of its national Vibrant Economy campaign, which aims to shape a vibrant economy where business and people can flourish


Grant Thornton

Speed supported the launch of the ‘Faces of a Vibrant Economy’, which identifies 100 organisations and their leaders that demonstrate excellence through growth, innovation and purpose. Their achievement on making the list was promoted through news outreach, an exhibition and media interviews and profiles.

In addition, we supported their regional Live Lab events in Bristol and Reading, attracting more than 400 attendees. Run throughout the country at key locations, they brought together influencers and leaders from private, public and third sectors to discuss how to work together and inspire positive change. Managing the pre-event promotion, a multi-channel media partnership and profiling for event speakers, the team generated more than 35 pieces of regional media coverage, reaching 3 million+ people in the Thames Valley and West of England.

Finally, we supported the development of content around the Vibrant Economy Index, which provides an indication of social performance as well as economic, and measures how towns and cities in the region compare on a range of factors from prosperity to health, well-being and happiness, and dynamism and opportunity. The Index, now in its second year, continues to be a trusted source of regional economic data and insight.