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i heart wines

Leveraging influencer activity to raise awareness of a core product


Over half of consumers follow celebrity accounts on social media. What’s more, research has shown that those aged 16 – 34 are three times more likely to follow or purchase from a brand based on a celebrity endorsement than the older generation.

It is this insight which inspired our decision to recruit celebrity brand ambassador, Love Island sensation, Olivia Attwood to raise awareness of i heart Wines amongst our millennial audience. A straight-talking, self-professed Pinot Grigio fan, Olivia is perfect fit with the brand’s core values, adding believability and shareability to the campaign.

By putting i heart Wines into the glass of a popular UK celebrity, we were able to tap into a new, highly engaged audience of over 1m social media followers. By ensuring i heart Wines was tagged in all social posts, we leveraged Olivia’s Instagram influence, connecting the audience to i heart Wines raising awareness and engagement with the brand. In just 3 months, we successfully secured 3 media interviews in key consumer and national titles and 10 social media posts including the brand’s social media handles and product imagery – with a reach of over 7.5 million.