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IAMS Pet Pledge

A promise to improve the wellbeing of our pets



Research has shown that pet obesity is on the increase fuelled by a misunderstanding for what pets need to be happy and healthy. In response we created the IAMS Pet Pledge – a creative platform grounded in consumer insight that tapped into the relationship we have with our pets by challenging owners to make a promise to improve their wellbeing.

As word of mouth is one of the most powerful influences when it comes to product and brand recommendations, particularly in the pet space, we created a dedicated micro-site and utilised IAMS social channels to grow community spirit and build brand affinity. Activity was further supported by a rich bank of multi-channel content together with expert insight and influencer engagement to connect the brand with pet owners.

600 pledges later and a reach of 40 million including existing and new audiences, IAMS took centre-stage as the experts in pet well being while communicating the lifestyle benefits of feeding IAMS premium nutrition making an impact by influencing positive perception as part of the consumer journey.