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Media exposure for this leisure brand drove sky high results


This client’s brand challenge was to champion and position iFLY as an all age and ability sport.

Due to the close relationships that we  have with the team on-site, we are able to identify what we believe are incredible moments with media collateral and ultimately drive sales.

We recognised that one of  of iFLY’s regular flyers – 83 year old Glen Mills – who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is wheelchair bound, was an opportunity to amplify the all-abilities and age quality of this sport.

Alongside this 102 year old Eva Lewis booked in to indoor skydive for her birthday and was going to be flying with four generations of her family.

Knowing that both stories could go viral, we lept at the chance to create a content package that we knew would have media value and be digitally shareable.

Our instincts were right and coverage landed everywhere including key consumer media BBC Breakfast, Sky News, Good Morning Britain and MailOnline.

Across both stories we achieved BBC Breakfast coverage and amplification the BBC Worlwide news social channels – where our footage was viewed over half a million times, and shared by nearly 5,000 people. But most importantly traffic to the iFLY website tripled over both 48 hour periods.

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