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Becoming an authority on GDPR



SugarCRM helps companies manage their customer data – so when GDPR came into force, it was vital that they were seen as a leading authority on the subject. As SugarCRM’s lead EMEA agency, Speed embarked on a multichannel campaign to make sure they were the technology company that businesses turned to for advice.

Gaining cut through on a complex and competitive topic, Speed developed a content programme centred around a 16 page video-embedded eBook “Getting Ready for GDPR”, packed with practical advice, myth busting and checklists. It included an email marketing campaign, CEO media interviews, blogs and thought leadership articles strategically placed in target media, all driving traffic to SugarCRM’s website.

Due to its success in driving record-breaking numbers of marketing qualified leads, it was translated into six languages and co-branded for distribution with 12 re-seller partners.