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Educating consumers to drive behavioural change

As TePe’s communication partner for over five years, our primary focus is positioning the brand at the forefront of oral hygiene – educating consumers and driving crucial behaviour change around the adoption of interdental cleaning as part of the daily routine.

Focused on the importance of cleaning in-between, our unique ‘Smile Surgeries’ hosted by TePe’s lead hygienist Elaine Tilling, habit formation expert Phillippa Lally and health expert, Dr. Chris van Tulleken for consumer media, bloggers, vloggers and influencers have inspired media to cover this ‘unsexy’ topic.

Delivering depth features on ‘the hidden 40%’ across multiple media targets, developing educative shareable film content, securing advice columns for and broadcast interviews with Elaine as expert advisor on all this oral and harnessing dental trade engagement and sampling to ensure professional advisor ‘sales’ support has driven awareness, interest and action.


With PR as its primary communications tool, TePe is now recommended by 94% of dental professionals, and has become the UK’s number one dental accessory brand.

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