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Ultimate Finance

Creating a brand platform based on ‘Good Funding’ in order to challenge the alternative finance market


Ultimate Finance

Supporting SMEs across the country and promoting the view that funding is a good thing to support SME growth and prosperity, Ultimate Finance is focused on the concept of Good Funding, providing fast, flexible and fair funding to businesses in the UK.

Following an extensive re-brand, Speed came on board to build brand awareness of Ultimate Finance programme.  Speed took a focused channel execution approach, with the aim of reaching customers directly, to maximise the impact of compelling and dynamic multi-media content produced to support the proposition.

Alongside 100 byline features across key trade titles throughout the UK, Speed produced a new product proposition to capitalise on market opportunity, drove a significant increase in traffic to its website, and can directly link PR activity to a number of sales leads worth thousands of pounds to the client. The thought-leadership programme has also delivered a significant uplift in brand recognition for Ultimate Finance.