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Purpose & Passion

We believe in the power of communications to change the world like little else can, to inspire and create positive change in people, business and community.

Great communicators capture hearts & minds and inspire people to think & act differently.

It’s no coincidence that the world’s great leaders have also been the world’s great communicators. Talk is not cheap and words do matter. We believe there is nothing more effective in connecting people and in creating positive change than powerful communication.

So we’re committed to helping develop the great communicators of today and tomorrow. We give our time and experience to make a difference through a number of initiatives:

  • Ablaze – this is our chosen charity which is focused on tackling the inequality of opportunity for young people across the West of England. Through PR and social to drive awareness, volunteering for its schools programme and fundraising activity, Speed is committed to helping  Ablaze succeed and grow
  • Apprenticeships – we’re opening up opportunities to people from different education and experience backgrounds. Giving them a doorway to PR
  • Open days – attended by local schools, colleges and universities, our regular open days provide an opportunity to explore the world of PR
  • Mentoring – partnering with local universities and colleges to help build the confidence and communication skills of students and those in work

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