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We believe in the Power of PR and its ability to create positive change, to educate, shape opinion and forge communities.

We are in an enviable position of helping brands and businesses live their values and positively impact social, cultural, and environmental issues. We reach millions of people every week through our award-winning campaigns as well as progressively influence client thinking, strategy and approach. And we lead from the front, living our own values and purpose, committed to supporting our team, community and the wider environment.


What we do needs to matter. It needs to make a positive difference. We believe we can change the world in many ways – in the work we do, the way we treat each other and how we interact with our community through external career mentoring, internships, work experience and open days to build future, diverse talent in PR.

Take Ablaze, our brilliant charity partner, which is focused on tackling the inequality of opportunity for young people in the South West. For three years, we have provided pro bono communications support as well as volunteering for its schools’ programme, mentoring scheme and fundraising.


As a PR agency our impact on the environment is low compared to other industries but that doesn’t mean we can’t do better in reducing our environmental impact in the resources and energy we use, how and when we travel and the suppliers we work with. We measure our environmental impact every year and have set reduction targets to reduce as much as possible as quickly as possible. We’re also investing in the team to increase awareness and education on environmental impact through training and coaching so they know how small changes in their day-to-day behaviours at home and in the office can and do make a big difference.


For us, it’s all about people. And it shows in everything we do. We’re not an agency with people, we’re a people agency. And that means all people, from all walks of life, all experiences and backgrounds.

We also appreciate that life is a balancing act but getting the balance right isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve invested in our Balance programme which is focused on the health & wellbeing of our Speedsters, making sure they achieve the right balance in all aspects of work and home life. It brings together industry leading guidance and benefits plus regular speakers to educate and support.

And our team agree we’re getting it right with 96% endorsing Speed’s positive work culture and 92% feeling fully supported.

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