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Reigniting Business Through Finance

Reigniting business through finance

More than ever the post Covid-19 business will need to be resilient and flexible to weather the lay of the land in order to survive and thrive. Markets have changed and industries are having to reinvent themselves.

Data from companies House shows that by the middle of 2020 there were 176,115 new incorporations – an increase of 3.6% on the same period the year – with one cause of this increase being put down to people losing jobs and looking to set up their own business.

Service providers and financial lenders – particularly in the SME space – will be crucial to the economic recovery and a resilient future for our business community.

Building market share with brand strategy will be crucial to finding new clients as we exit the pandemic. with Gartner’s annual survey highlighting that brand strategy will over take analytics as one of the most vital marketing capabilities.

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