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Speed is redefining PR, delivering a range of services that harness the power of communications to help clients achieve their goals and ultimately change their world.

The core values and purpose of PR remain at the heart of Speed – to shape brand messages and tell a compelling story that captures hearts and minds.

But the landscape has changed. In a noisy world of complex customer journeys, the choice of channels, content formats and experience touch points is ever changing.

Specialist skills in strategy planning, creative cut-through, content creation, digital driving and of course PR ensure we deliver impactful campaigns that build awareness, drive engagement and secure measurable business impact.


Social media amplification

Social listening and online monitoring


Organic and paid promotion

Website content

Digital training

ABM & Lead generation



Idea generation

Media engagement

Influencer targeting

Experiential and events

Brand story telling

Thought leadership

Interactive content


Campaign creation and planning

Messaging and positioning

Research and insight

Leadership engagement

Media training

Crisis and reputation management

Trends and insight analysis