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Building customer relationships virtually

Nothing beats being in a room with your customers to engage them in your business and your people. Take this option away and what are you left with?

Face-to-face communication engages more human senses than any mediated communication. It allows you to read body language, make eye contact, respond in the moment to immediate feedback. But when all you have is technology to engage customers you need to make it work hard.

In times of change, you need to be sensitive to how your messages will be received, flex what you say and how you engage. Pivot your existing customer engagement programmes to embrace new channels and new formats. But where do you start? What channels and formats work in this Coronavirus impacted world? And how do you get your customer relationship teams to think differently?

Take a look at our support assets (including a special guest post from our sister agency Ethology) below for answers to these questions and more.

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