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App-etite: How to launch and promote an app

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Since lockdown started, businesses have found themselves having to speed up their transition to digital channels and adoption of new technologies at an unprecedented pace.  Whether that’s from operational necessity, compliance or because it satisfies a growing consumer demand, based on the current environment, to live our lives as virtually as possible.

Digital transformation is accelerating and brands that are digitally unprepared need to use this time to move strategically from ‘keeping the lights on’ to building a digital infrastructure that will maximise on current and future opportunities.

Apps will play a huge part in this technological revolution simply because they are perfectly formed to deliver a variety of different tasks (this is especially true in the hospitality sector where customer reassurance and staff safety are the name of the game).  What’s more, apps have never been more crucial or more cost-effective with  the data within the apps enabling you to improve customer engagement, retention and advocacy. But how do you let your customers know about your app when they’re not physically in your building? Here’s our top tips.

Building Your App

Picking the right app developer for the job is key. Get it right and you’ll be rewarded with bookings, return sales and loyalty. Get it wrong and you’re looking at not only a waste of invested money but also potential damage to your brand.

Whoever you work with, make sure you’re asking questions around privacy policies and industry compliance factors as well as tailoring the design and user experience.

Collecting the right data

We spoke to Helen Tanner at our data partner, Data Cubed who shared this around the importance of data for apps:

“If you build a great app to be used by your customers or users, the data within it could be incredibly valuable to your business. So, think about the data you want to collect on your app users, such as their contact details, interests/preferences, locations and more”

“With the right data, you can improve customer engagement, by targeting relevant communications to customers using the app. You could improve retention, through incorporating a loyalty scheme. You could offer users special offers and discounts, to incentivise them to come back. You can ask for feedback from users. As well as tracking their app usage and behaviour in real time. This insight can be used to better understand who your users are, how they behave and what they like.”

Helen Tanner, Data Cubed

Media relations

Putting together a media engagement strategy will make sure your app and brand get in front of the right people at the right time, to drive broad awareness amongst your customers. It’s not enough to just announce you’ve launched an app, you need to emphasise what’s unique about it and why your audience should care.

Social media

During the crisis, people have been turning to social media more and more (as a way to remain connected to each other and to keep abreast of the rapidly changing news cycle).  Make the most of the increased usage by utilising your social media channels to drive both awareness and trial of your app.

PPC/paid activity

The beauty of PPC is how reactive it is as a medium.  It offers the potential to drive maximum return on minimal investment.  It’s also incredibly easy to switch on and off, so you can start a campaign to launch your app and then launch another one, at a later date, for future initiatives.

Influencer engagement

The power of being associated with the right person has not gone away, particularly when that voice is trusted and authentic.  Identify those people who can most effectively spread your message and encourage downloads of your app, whether it’s engaging with industry commentators on LinkedIn or high profile instagrammers who can demonstrate the ease of using it.

Video content

Not surprisingly, we are seeing a surge in consumers downloading content during lockdown and video is a great way of educating an audience about a product or a service. Consider options to bring this to life such as an explainer video, rich in motion graphics, an interview with a representative or live footage of a customer or member of staff using the app.


Consider potential partners who can work with you to create and promote your app.  Whether that is a media partnership, an industry partnership or getting the support and backing of one of the industry associations.  Devising a great partner strategy will ensure your customers and prospects will know about your app.

Hopefully that’s whet your app-etite! Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss ways we can further help you to create, launch and promote your app:

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