Exceptionally marvellous results for Jakemans
Client: Jakemans
Sector: Consumer
Health & Wellbeing Lifestyle

Our goal for Jakemans was simply to drive sales of the already iconic menthol lozenges. We decided to take a closer look at the very thing Jakemans protects; your voice. 

The voice really is a marvellous thing – did you know it’s as unique as a fingerprint? Our campaign delved into the weird and wonderful world of voices and how they should be cared for with Jakemans Marvellous Menthol Lozenges.

Commissioning consumer research, we discovered that Sir David Attenborough has the nation’s favourite voice, followed closely by Stephen Fry and Sir Sean Connery.

While the research gave us a solid foundation for the campaign, we also wanted to amplify the activity to position Jakemans as the experts of taking care of your voice. To help, we partnered with Professor Silke Paulmann of the University of Essex, adding an independent layer of expertise to the campaign, providing insight on the importance of our voice and how it can play a large role in our well-being.

Results: A solid media strategy saw us deliver 32 pieces of coverage including The Sun, The Mirror, The Independent, and i. News; 91 per cent of coverage included a quote from our expert; over 50 per cent included a link driving consumers to find out more about the brand; our paid social media campaign has reached over 100,000 new people.