Rylan x i heart Wines - the perfect pairing
Client: i heart Wines
Sector: Consumer
Food & Drink

i heart Wines challenged us to break them into the UK’s top ten wine brands. Growth in brand awareness and saliency was critical but to outpace competitors spending ATL we needed to think smart.

Our brand ambassador strategy proved to be the perfect pairing to accelerate i heart Wines commercial growth and enabled us to punch above our weight whilst continuing to deliver throughout COVID restrictions. Rylan was the perfect match for the brand, epitomising the creative campaign of ‘open for fun’.

The campaign grew awareness and brand recognition with 78 pieces of media coverage and a 5% growth in social media followers. It also improved brand health with a +7% in brand growth – outperforming the market average of 0.62%. It generated an uplift and all-time high in brand penetration of 7.5% (Kantar) and helped i heart Wines achieve #7 status in the UK’s top wine brands.

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